Simply Fresh Films

Frequently Answered

We want to book you before it’s too late! Now what?
Once you’ve decided we’re a good fit, we’ll send you an agreement. It will outline all of the nitty gritty! Return the agreement with your deposit, which will reserve your wedding date.

Will we be able to hear our vows?
Absolutely! That’s the most important part, right? We’ll have a wireless microphone cleverly hidden to get your vows loud and clear.
Do we need to feed you?
We work better with food in our stomachs, so for events more than 6 hours, we hope you’ll provide a meal for us.
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How much experience do you have with wedding films?
We’ve done over thirty weddings in the last eight years and a wide variety of locations. We are confident that we can create a stunning wedding film of your day no matter the circumstances.

When will I get my wedding film?
We’ll start editing your footage right away. The Wedding Trailer will be done in less than 3 weeks. The final film will be ready in about 8 weeks.

 What will we receive?
We will create a 10-15 minute wedding film of your wedding day.

Can we have the raw footage to edit myself or watch later?
Sorry, we don’t provide the raw footage. We believe our clients are hiring us to make a creative film of their wedding day. Our raw footage is not pretty. We shoot in short clips and end the day with tons of footage. The post-production process is key to making your film look stunning.